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Welcome to the! In this game, you need to draw and guess! Are you bright? So this game is made for you. It is very similar to puns game. In every round, the right player draws a picture and the rest of players need to guess what it is. If you guess you get some score. When you get enough score you win. You need to solve the task as fast as you can. Be faster than Usain Bolt! You can also create a private room to play with your friends. Good luck and have fun!

How to play in is a very simple game. When it isn't your turn, try to guess what is on the drawing. You can write your answer in the box of it. You can also use the chat to talk with other players and start to know them. When it will finally be your turn you have to draw something. Use the tools to make your work of art. More players guessed? more points for you. You can send hints on chat for other players. Try to draw as fast as you can and don't write anything on your drawing, it is forbidden!

Controls in the game

You only need to use the mouse to control.
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