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About the game HiveSweeper

HiveSweeper is a new fast-paced free-for-all multiplayer minesweeper .io game! This game is inspired by the classic minesweeper windows game! You will be taking control of a bee and your job will be to constantly expand your territory! Challenge other players from all around the world or play against your own friends and family! Your job is to claim the biggest percentage of the map and to kill other players! Become the top one player! The more of the map you will conquer the more points you will have! And the more points you will get the higher in the leaderboard you will be placed! Show your enemies how good you are!

How to play in HiveSweeper

At the beginning of the game, you will have to choose a nickname for your bee! After that click on the play button and you will be spawned on the map! Your job now is to survive and dodge other players and to conquer the biggest percentage of the map! To expand your hive territory you will have to click on the blank space! But you have to beware of the mines! You can use the numbers to calculate where the mine is placed! If you are 100% sure you can flag the mine to help yourself! Become the best and show off your skills!

Controls in the game HiveSweeper

Move - Left mouse button
Mark mine - Right mouse button

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