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About the game is one of the unpredictable, 3d io game online. Take on the role of your character. Walk around the map and try to kill the monsters. You can do it alone or with a little help from other players. You can also invite all your friends so you can all play together this fantastic game. If your friends don't want to play, find some new ones between the players. Be alert and be careful because the evil never sleeps. It is always ready and waiting for you. It is waiting for you to make even the smallest mistake. Take care!

How to play in

In the beginning, you have four classes. You can choose the best one for you. There is the warrior(tank), the ranger (ranged damage), the mage (ranged damage) and the healer (support). Every time you spawn in some safe place where guards and good players surround you. You, as an adventurer, need to get away with some monsters by killing them. By they spawn over and over so be focused all the time. the stronger you became, you need to manage with bigger and worse enemies.

Controls in the game

Use WASD to move around.
Use your mouse to turn the camera, select enemies or to attack and assist.
To utilize your abilities use 1-4 click on the keyboard.
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