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About the game is an outrageous game within a unique universe inhabited by various amusing monsters - and yes, you can play as one, if you wanted to.
Boost your skills, upgrade your skins, make missions. You can even play with friends to make everything easier! Our IO game has everything that MMO games have. is a new massive snake multiplayer IO game! In which you are taking control of the cute snake! Here you can show off your style! It's a new dynamic snake game! Here you can have fun with other players or with your friends! This is a massively multiplayer arena! There are also new various creatures that you can play! Not only snakes! This is a new way to play snake this is a snake MMO! Evolve your creature and be the biggest and the best in the world!

How to play in

You enter the world as a small worm that needs food to get bigger. Be careful where you place your head because if you crush into enemies - you become food for them. At the start, you will begin as a small snake! You have to collect food to grow up and to get points! The bigger you are the stronger you are! More points will place you higher in the ranking! Try to smash other players into your tail to get their points! You can't relax here, everyone is your enemy and everyone wants to eat you! Show them how good you are at the snake! Master your creature and get to the top! What are you waiting for? It's your time!

Controls in the game

Moving - Mouse
Speed up - Left mouse button
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