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About the game is a new multiplayer strategy tower defense game! In which you are taking control of kings, lords, archers, and wizards! Build your own biggest army in the world! With army you can take over the entire map! Here you can show off your strategy and tactics! Become the strongest in

How to play in

At first, you have o build your own castle. Once you will build it you can create your own army! At first recruit basic units! If you want to unlock new units you have to build a stable which will give you cavalery units! Academy will give you Mages, and Monster Den will give you Dragons! If you want to upgrade your units you have to build a forge! Defend your castle by building archer towers and mage towers! If you have enough gold you can upgrade them! You can also build a big wall that will defend you! If you want to get a lot of gold you should destroy other player's castles! Conquest the entire map!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Activate power - E
Split - Space
Build menu - B
Units menu - U
Formation menu - F
Units upgrades menu - Y
Rewarded videos menu - V
Change formation - C
Map - M
Show leaderboard - L
Chat - Enter
Pause - ESC
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