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About the game is a game based on Minecraft. You can do everything you want just link in a regular Minecraft! Show off your skills like building or fighting! Only your imagination limits you! It's an open-world game that you can play alone or with friends to have fun!

How to play in

Collect materials and food. Build your own house! Craft new items to upgrade yourself or your house. You can also build various mechanisms! Only your mind limits you! Protect yourself from evil mobs at night or evil players! Create your own world and fight with other opponents to be the strongest one!

Chat commands
/spawn - teleports you to spawn
/home - teleports you to bed
/team.kick (Player name) - kick a player out of your team
/team.list - show list of players in your team
/team.leave - leave the team
/team.invite (Player name) - invite a player to your team
/team.accept - accept team invitation
/sc - suicide

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Open/close inventory - F
Run - Left Shift
Chat - Enter
Attack - Left mouse button
Action (Put the block, open the block inventory, use teleport) - Right mouse button
Switch items - Keys 1-8
Drop items - Q
Open/close game menu - ESC
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