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About the game is a new battle-royale multiplayer free-for-all .io game! This game is inspired by Minecraft mechanics and graphics! It's a 2-D top-down view game and compared to other similar .io games here you can spend a lot of time having good fun with other players from all around the world or with your friends! Become the best and survive as long as you can! Kill everyone you will see on the map and search for the new weapons! Compete with the best players from all over the world and show them how powerful you are! Make a base for yourself and hide from enemies if you are afraid of the fight! What are you waiting for? Grab your pickaxe and become the last one standing on the map in order to win the game!

How to play in

At the main menu, you can choose a nickname for yourself, create an account and select the server you want to play on! Also, you can customize graphics by choosing the resolution in the main menu! There are only two servers: US1 and EU1. After doing all these steps you are able to start your first battle! Click on the "Play" button and you will be spawned on the map! You will have to wait for the other players and then the server will drop you randomly somewhere on the map! Now your job is to survive and to do that you should get some materials and search for weapons, new pickaxes, and explosives on the map! There can be only one winner so everyone is your enemy!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Attack/Mine - Left mouse button
Switch item - 1-9 Keys
Crafting menu - E
Sneak - Shift
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