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About the game is a new 3-D agario-styled free-for-all arena .io game! You have to outwit other mobs! Fight with other players to grow your mob! Unlock new mobs! Each mob has their own ability! Collect gold to upgrade your mob powers! If you want to unlock new mobs you have to earn some gold! Dominate other players and show them who is the king! Get onto the top of the leaderboard! Show your skills and tactics!

How to play in

At the start, you should fight some weak and small animal hordes! Avoid other bigger players! Grow your mob to the 25-30 units and after that, you can fight with stronger mobs! Now your job is to gain the biggest score! The bigger you are the stronger you are! Kill other players to collect their XP! Use your ultimate ability! It's really helpful in the fight!

Controls in the game

Moving - Left mouse button (Hold)
Attack - Left mouse button (Hold on the enemy and stop holding)
Stop attacking - Left mouse button (Move your mouse far away from the enemy)
Ultimate ability - Right mouse button
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