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About the game is a new World War 2 style io game! In which you are taking control of the soldier! Choose your side between the axis and allies! And go take control of points! Use realistic World War 2 tanks like German Panzer IV Ausf G or M26 Pershing! Here you can also find many realistic weapons like StG44, Kar98k, Thompson, and even Springfield! This game is trying as much realistic as it could be possible! In this 2-D io game, you will have better fun than in other World War 2 io games! Take your weapon and fight!

How to play in

At first you need to pick side between Axis or Allies. After this pick your soldier class between Medic, Assault, AT soldier, or Sniper! Each class has its unique weapon and perk! Use your class perks wisely and team up with other players online or with your own friends! Now your job is to conquer the map but to do this you have to work as a team! Dominate other players and try not to die! Get onto the top and show your shooting skill!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Enter vehicle - E / Shift
Grenade - G
Shoot - Left mouse button
Sniper scope - Right mouse button
Switch weapon - 1, 2, 3
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