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About the game is an online game about surviving in the city. You can grow, get old, die and respawn here. Do usual, everyday stuff like eating, going to the toilet, sleeping and having fun. Unfortunately to survive you have to work and earn some money to live. Later, you can have your building instead of working. Find someone who will replace you when your time will pass. Every year you can upgrade your skills like mood, sleeping or eating. Do not waste the time of your life!

How to play in

Remember, when you have a better bed you sleep better. You can't live without any food so buy them in a supermarket or try to find it in the trash. Some food can do extraordinary things. When you have a bad mood, correct it by dancing, taking pills or buying some nice clothes. To earn money you can work on your computer, look for them on the street or kill someone. You can also buy a building and whenever someone buys something there, you will earn some money.

Controls in the game

Use arrows or WASD to move.
Use left mouse click to hit.
Use E or Spacebar to interactions.
Use M to open the map.
Use right mouse click to delete an item.
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