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About the game

Nightwalkers is a unique game about zombies in the modern world. Zombies have got an excellent hearing. Everything that you doing makes some noise. This noise helps them in finding and attacking you. They don't even have to see you. This is stunning, isn't it? Reach next levels, because every level gives you a new perk which you can transform into precious resources used for building your defence line.

How to play in

Building is a very important skill in this game. Fortifications like some walls with hidden traps and towers can be very useful and helpful in surviving in this crazy world. Be careful and do not do any sudden movements. Try to move only when you really have to. You need to avoid informing zombies where you are and attracting them. Have your eyes in the back of the head because enemies are everywhere.

Controls in the game

Use WASD to move your character.
Use mouse's cursor to control your character.
The B button on the keyboard opens the buildings' menu.
Left mouse click shoots while the right mouse button activates melee which knocks down zombies and gives you some space.
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