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About the game

Now, you can play 2D shooter multiplayer game. Here, you are a ninja and have a lot of different weapons. Use it and your fantastic tools or moves to beat other players in your area. You can fight on many maps and places. The laws of physics count here what makes playing this game and killing enemies more exciting and incredible. Remember, physics is your best friend in this battle! Be the best ninja!

How to play in

Try to be a friend of physics. Shoot from above your enemy to surprise him. Some direct impacts can repulse Grenades, RPG rockets and other weapons. Hide anywhere to make your foe do not see you. But remember that hiding won't save you from dying. Focus on aiming to the head. Hitting to the head or torso hurts more than hitting to other body parts. Moving platforms, teleportation gates and trampolines can also help you.

Controls in the game

You can register or play as a guest. But remember that the game appreciates the registered player's achievements.
You can choose one of two game modes: Capture the flag and Deathmatch.
In Deathmatch mode you fight against other players. Your goal is to kill the right number of enemies.
In Capture the flag mode you have your team. So your purpose here is to steal opponents flag and change your sign to their flag. If you will get three flags, you win.
H - game menu
You can also change the azerty keyboard to qwerty and mute the sounds.
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