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About the game is a new RPG IO game! In which you are a little chicken that has to fight for his life in a factory farm! It's in a battle royale style. You are stuck in a chicken cage on top of the disk above gruesome grinder! This disk is unbalanced so if you will fall off you will die and turned into a chicken nugget! You have to balance on that disk and don't let other players throw you off! Try to make them fall off! Use your moves and body to bump them! Customize your chicken and show off your style! Show who is the king of the chickens!

How to play in

At the start, you will be spawned in cage with 80 other players! After the cage will open you will stand on the unbalanced disk! Be very careful it's really easy to fall off.. and you don't want to be a nugget. Eat corn to grow the biggest and have easier to bump other players of the disk! If you are small and scared of the big chickens my tip is to do some jumps! Throw other players out of disk and have fun! Be the chicken master! Be the best and the biggest! Dominate the leaderboard and have fun!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Sprint - Double-tap moving keys
Jump - Space
Dash - Hold space
Fly - Space (You have to be in air)
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