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About the game is a new team cyber tank shooter multiplayer .io game with 3-D graphics! This is a new way to play tank .io games! Here you can find unique graphics, unique steering, and the first-person camera! Level-up your tank and unlock new cyber gear! Compete against teams from all around the world! There could be only one winner! If you are good enough it could be you! Invite your friends and play against them to show your skills! Welcome to this beautiful cyber town! This is the Nuke Zone! Try to become the top one nuke zone player in the world! Grab the steering and shoot everyone on your sight!

How to play in

At the beginning of the game, you should name yourself! After doing this click on the play button and you will be moved to the tank selection menu! Now you can select your tank! You can unlock the light and heavy tank! On the start, you will have only the medium tank which is good enough to beat up other players! Now after spawning on the arena you and your team have one job! You have to destroy other players and their base! After destroying an enemy base your team will win the game! Collect experience for causing damage, killing other players and destroying their base!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Strafe left/right - Left/right arrow key
Attack - Space
Special ability - Shift
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