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About the game is a brand new 2-D shooter IO game! In which you have to collect bullets that are dropped on the map! You have to find them first before your enemy will do this same! You are taking control of a little nullermand. Your goal is to pick dust to protect yourself! You can make your own tactics! Here you have to think fast and be quick!

How to play in

At the start, you can customize your nullermand by changing his skin! After this choose your own unique nickname and click play! You will be spawned on a big map with many of other players! Your main goal is to survive and kill other players. To defend yourself you better find dust on the map. Dust is spawned randomly on the level. You can pick up up to 10 dusts. More dust will give you more HP! The more of them you have the more powerfull you are! Kill other players and dominate the ranking! You are number one!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Shoot - Left mouse click
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