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About the game

Everyone knows the old, good Pac-man game. Now it had been taken to the io world and you can play it online with people from all around the world. Like in every io game you need to eat points and gain mass to become bigger and bigger. Fight with ghosts and real players. You can also become a ghost if you want to. Recall these beautiful memories from playing the old Pac-man a years ago and introduce it in the new io version! Run around the maze and have fun. Try to reach the top of the leaderboard and be the champion. Good luck!

How to play in

You need to eat all the points to reach the next level. The score is what counts here. Eating bonuses is also very helpful. When you have one you can make your enemies weaker for a moment. Beware of them! Eliminate them from the labyrinth before they even attack you. Run away in case you will see Blinky which is the leader of the ghosts, and his friends: Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. They are very dangerous and have abilities to take your life away. Your goal is to be on the top of the ranking. To achieve this avoid the biggest PAC-mans and use the map for some benefits. Eat smaller players, dots and pellets.

Controls in the game

Use the mouse cursor to move around the map.
Use the left click to move faster.
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