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About the game Paperio3

Paperio3 is a new agario styled game! You are a cursor that has to control the map! Use your trail to get more points! The player who will get 100% of the map will win! Compete with other players or with your own friends! There are many servers that you can play on! At the start, I recommend playing on the slowest server! But if you are feeling that you are too good it’s time for you to change the server to faster! There is also a small arena mode in which you can compete with other players! If you are good enough try to join the FFA standard server. It’s for better players but if you are good enough you will get rid of other players!

How to play in Paperio3

At the start, you have to claim the map! Claim it as many as you can! More percentages of map will give you more points. You can also kill players by cutting their trail! Beware of them because they can kill you too! You have to be really careful and you have to think tactically. If you are good enough you can try to make bigger circles to gain more percentages of the map. Do not touch your own trail if you want to live. If you will get 100% of map you will win! Get onto the top of the leaderboard and be the best! There is also the customization of your cursor. You can change your skin! Show off your style and your skill!

Controls in the game Paperio3

Moving - Mouse

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