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About the game is a new drawing multiplayer .io game! Have you ever wanted to draw everything you have in your mind? Here you can do this! Let your dreams come true! This game is an ultimate big blank space that you can fill with pixels with other players from all around the world! Here you can draw everything you want to! Show the world your imaginations! What are you waiting for? Grab the color and place it on the map! Here you can also spend a lot of time looking at these beautiful creations that other players have drawn!

How to play in

Okay so basically it's a painting game! You can only place one pixel every 1 minute and 45 seconds but this time will decrease if you move towards the centre of the canvas! Draw everything alone or cooperate with your family, friends, and even players from all around the world! This game is testing your imagination and allows you to explore something new!

Controls in the game

Draw - Left mouse button
Pick the color - Left mouse button
Grid - Space, G
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