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About the game PKX

Why grief the Internet for free? Put your PK skills to work by earning rewards for each player you kill. Don't worry newbies, you can still play and practice for free!

Explore over 700+ levels, including castles, caverns, islands, and sewers. Fight lizard men, orcs, elves, humans, and giant spiders.

How to play in PKX

Kill NPCs to upgrade your character and equipment. Collect blood samples to create transformation potions. You'll gain hit points and movement for each potion you drink. Similarly, you can collect weapon upgrade crystals.

Conquer castles to control entire islands. After you conquer all three castles, the NPCs below will become your vassals. You'll earn taxes for each player killed within your realms.

Controls in the game PKX

Movement: W,A,S,D
Attack: Space or enter
Quick Items: 1,2
Inventory: I

Touch controls:
Tap the right side of your device to attack. Tap on the left to move. Use the provided icons to access inventory and quick items.

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