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About the game SpaceLamb

SpaceLamb is a new 3-D space io game! In which you are taking control of a Lamb called Bishop! The point of this game is to help Bishop with the return to home! This little cute Lamb has got into trouble during a trip in-universe! Save the Bishop and help her! Beat the score and show your skills! It's a space adventure, here you will have better fun than in other io games! Beat your score, play with friends and see who is better! Show off your skills and agility! Beware of asteroids and let Bishop return to home in a good condition!

How to play in SpaceLamb

At first, you should choose a control! You can use your webcam, mouse or your mobile phone! After this, the game will start! Your job now is to collect power-ups to score points! Collect items like light bulbs, boxes, and crystals! You have to be really careful! Beware of toxic items like barrels, plants, and cases! Collect first aid kits to get rid of these toxic effects! You have to beware of asteroids too! Each crash with the asteroid will decrease your oxygen supply! Collect blue capsules to refill your oxygen!

Controls in the game SpaceLamb

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