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About the game is a new agario-styled 2D space .io game! In which you are a symbol! You can change your symbol in-game! You have to grow this is your mission! Try to survive as long as possible! Eat planets that are randomly spawned on the map and try to kill other players! Everyone is your enemy! This game is endless! But here you can get onto the top of the leaderboard by gaining the most points in the server! Comparing to other agario-styled .io games here you can find new unique ways to have fun!

How to play in

Okay so basically the game is not that hard as it seems. You have to change your object shape to be identical shape! It would absorb his symbol! If you want to kill someone you have to have the same shape as he but make sure that your enemy takes his shape before you! If you want to unlock new symbols you have to absorb enemies! Accelerate to make your moves unpredictable and surprise your enemies! You have to be quick and sneaky!

Controls in the game

Moving - Mouse
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