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About the game is a 3D shooter game. Pay attention! The water can be unpredictable. Upgrade your boat using the towers and become the boat champion. Try to eliminate your enemies as fast as you can. You may do it by the laser or blow them apart with the grenade launcher. Outmanoeuvring them and causing them to crash is also possible. The power-ups are appearing randomly so look around and collect them. Be indomitable and destroy the competition! AHOY!

How to play in

When you kill someone you earn 100 points with 25 points bonus for each streak killing. When you let someone attack your boat, you lose 50 points. The laser allows you to fry your opponents with light very fast. Grenade launchers are slow as a snail but cause the biggest damage. The machine gun is very fast and precise but you need to watch out for recoil. Explode-o-laser is like a normal laser but it contains a surprise at the end - a bomb. Shrapnel Gun has got some special missiles.

Controls in the game

WASD or arrows - moving.
Mouse - aiming and shooting.
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