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About the game SQUADD.IO is a super online 3d game. You need to be very fast. Aim and shoot to your enemies. You can use different types of weapon like guns and others. You can find it on the map. Keep looking! A better weapon is a better self-defense for you. Beware of other players. They are everywhere and want to kill you. Show them your shooting skills!

How to play in SQUADD.IO

The best strategy in this game is walking around the map and avoid enemies. Be in a move for all the time! It makes them killing you harder to do. But you can shoot from behind them when they don't expect your attack. See? It's super easy. Try to shoot to the players with worse guns. Watch opponents and attempt to predict their movements.

Controls in the game SQUADD.IO

To play this game use WASD to move. Shooting is possible by clicking the left mouse button. You can also run.

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