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About the game SquaddRoyale

SquaddRoyale is a new battle royale .io game! In which your goal is to be the last one standing! This map is really big! Explore and fight for your life alone or with your players! Search for vehicles! Yes, here you can drive many types of vehicles! Explore buildings to find weapons and ammo or even power-ups! Level up your character to unlock new items! Like skins, parachutes, emotes and flags!

How to play in SquaddRoyale

At first, select your region, it's really important to have nice connection to a server! After this explore the menu in which you can find many options like customizing your character or even battle pass! And after that create your own account or play as a guest by choosing the nickname. If you will click "Play" you will be spawned on the map! Now your job is to survive and be the last one standing! This is your time now!

You can find many types of power-ups:
1. Camouflage - After standing still your character will change to a barrel!
2. Radar - This gives you a radar hack on the minimap you will see players as red dots!
3. Damage - You will do more damage!
4. Scope - You will be able to see players from a longer distance
5. Shield - This will give you additional armor!
6. Health - It will heal your HP!

Controls in the game SquaddRoyale

Drop from the helicopter - Space
Moving - W, A, S, D
Aim - Mouse
Change weapon, enter vehicle - E
Reload - R
Map - M
Use powerups - F
Emotes - Right mouse button

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