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About the game is a new fast-paced strategy io game! In which you have to conquer the world! Dominate other players by claiming their bases! Get as many points as you can to win! Destroy everyone using your army! Conquer the world and show off your skill! Get onto the top of the leaderboard! Expand your army in the universe! Explore the whole map and exterminate other players! Here you will have better fun than in other space strategy io games!

How to play in

At first, select your unique nickname and then click play! You will have to wait for a match, the server will adjust players to your stats so don't worry if you are a beginner! When the game starts your job is now to conquer the world! Dominate other players by destroying their bases using your army! Claim all the planets and expand! Explore the map and find everyone! Exterminate other players to defeat them! Show them who is the boss now using your tactical skills! On some planets, you can find 6 abilities:

1. Build rate - On big planets fighters will build faster!
2. Defense buff - Every linked planet will get a defense bonus!
3. Scan ability - Reveal any point in space!
4. EMP ability - Locks enemies to an orbit, zap launch fighters!
5. Shield ability - Makes your orbiting army invincible!
6. Cannon ability - Bomabrd everyone at target planet!

Controls in the game

Move map - Mouse or W, A, S, D or Arrows
Send all fighters - Left click your source planet and then left-click the target
Send 50% fighters - Left click your source planet and then right-click the target
In-game stats - Tab
Homeworld - Space
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