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About the game is a free io online game for everyone. It is very simple and classic. All you need to do is jumping on other players to stomp them! What a fun, right? Your goal is to become more massive. To do it you have to collect stars appearing on the map. When you jump on the opponent, you collect all his stars. Be careful and don't let them jump on your head!

How to play in

When you stomp on a larger player than you, he lost his size and half of his stars. When you make someone to lose his stars, half of them comes to you and another half spills out to the map. All players start from ten stars. Use ledges for your benefit! Jump through it from beneath them. But remember, you can't fall down them.

Controls in the game

To control your jumper left/right through the arena use the mouse,
Click to do the smash attack and drop straight down!
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