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About the game is a new free-for-all dog plane shooter .io game! In which you will be a dog that is a pilot of a deadly plane! This is mayhem! Fight with players from all around the world in this big sky arena! Choose between many weapons and find yourself a favorite weapon! Compared to other plane shooters .io games here you are playing as a dog! Yea, I'm serious you are a flying dog! And your job is to collect bones! Invite your friends and have a lot of fun playing against them! Show off your skills and get onto the top of the leaderboard! This is your time!

How to play in

Okay so at the start you should pick a name for your dog! It would help you to find yourself in the leaderboard and to show your enemies who you are! Here you can complete some missions in order to gain gold! With 100 gold you can roll a random prize! Customize your plane and upgrade it! After spawning your job is to search for the bones but the more bones you will earn the bigger you will be! And other players will want to kill you so you have to be careful! Become the king and show who is the boss!

Controls in the game

Moving - Left, Right arrow
Shoot - Space
Boost - Up arrow
Brake - Down arrow
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