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About the game Torn

Torn is a new real-time shooter space .io game! In which you are taking control of a ultra-fast space ship! Choose your own faction! Join the human's faction or the alien's faction! Fight for the galaxy! Dominate other players and show off your skills! Gather as many materials as you can and upgrade your ship and base! Explore the universe and show your power!

How to play in Torn

At the start select your own faction! You have to choose between two factions: the aliens and humans! This factions fight between them and your job is to take control of the galaxy! Explore the universe and search for the asteroids to gather materials! You will also get experience! Sell your ores to the shop to gain the money for new weapons and to upgrade your ship! Dominate other players! It's your time!

Controls in the game Torn

Moving - W, A, S, D
Shoot - Left mouse button or Space

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