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Type N’

About the game Type N’

Type N’ is a new unique fun multiplayer free-for-all typing arena .io game! This game is really unique! Here you can find a new way to play a free-for-all arena! Compared to other .io games you cannot find any similar one! Invite your friends to play against them or challenge the players from all around the world! In order to become the strongest player on the server you will have to learn how to type really fast on the keyboard! Train a lot and try to get onto the top of the leaderboard! You have to be accurate and quicky!

How to play in Type N’

At the start of the game, you will have to choose a nickname! After doing this click on the play button and you will be spawned on the map with other players! This is a free-for-all arena but all you have to do is to type the nearest world correctly! You cannot miss type any letter if you want to collect the point! The more points you will earn the higher placed on the leaderboard you will be! You can also get some points by killing other players! To kill an enemy you have to type the world on his territory! You have to be quicker than him!

Controls in the game Type N’

Moving - Keyboard
Move between nodes - Arrows
Zoom in/out - Scroll

Type N’
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