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About the game is a new unique style free-for-all io game! In which you are playing as a ghost! You will be in a dark room with only one torch in the middle! Invite your friends or play online with many players from anywhere in the world! Use your flashlight to shine on other players! It will take their power and fade them! Make your way to the top and find yourself a strategy! Outplay everyone and show them who is the boss!

How to play in

After choosing a nickname you can also customize your ghost using many skins that you can buy in the shop! Customize your ghost to show off your style and scare off other players! Use flashlight wisely! The flashlight will drain the power from other players but remember! The flashlight will make you visible! This is a dark room so if you want to hide just simply turn off your light! Sneak on the players and dominate them!

Controls in the game

Moving - Mouse
Flashlight - Space
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