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About the game WAZANA.IO is a new unique space styled io game! In which you have to plan and build your own base! Protect your base using many buildings and shields! Manage your resources! Fight against other players from anywhere in the world! This game is really hard and you have to be really patient and skilled to win! Build extractors to collect energy and matter! Unlock new buildings, military units, and even skills! Defeat everyone and get onto the top of the leaderboard! It's a real strategy space battle! Can you win? Well, check that in!

How to play in WAZANA.IO

At start you have to choose your own faction! Here you can find three factions, but remember that every factions have their own unique playstyle and perks! After this choose a city on the big worldwide map, then choose the type of the city! Every city has its own unique bonuses! Choose between game colors it will offer you a new game style at every battle! Try every color to find which one matches will your playing style! Once you have selected everything you have to click play and choose to play against real players or AI! After the start of a match, you will have to build your base. Build your own army, defend your base and destroy your enemy!

Controls in the game WAZANA.IO

Move map - Mouse
Select building/units - Left mouse button
Order movements/attacks - Right mouse button

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