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About the game is a new free-for-all aren battle .io game! You are a barbarian and you have to fight in this hack-n-slash multiplayer! Beat other players to get score! Explore the map and search for gold! With gold, you can buy new weapons! Climb onto the top of the ranking by dominating other players! Learn them who is the king and show your skills! Defend your base and team up with your friends or players from all around the world! Here you will find unique game modes such as capture-the-flag mode or bloody football mode!

How to play in

At the start, you should choose your team! After that, you have to fight! Take your weapon and shield and go for the fight! Destroy other players and pick items from them! Use items and special abilities to become the strongest warrior! You can also use special movements! Here you will find the deepest combat mechanics comparing to other .io games! It's not hard to understand but you have to be skilled to win! Get as many points as you can and win!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Jump - Space
Throw weapon - F
Item use - 1,2,Q,E
Special - R
Shield - Scroll button
Attack - Left mouse button
Run/kick - Right mouse button
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