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About the game is a classic online free-for-all snake .io game inspired by other snake .io games! But this game is really simple and funny! Here you will do not find many strange mechanics! This is simple snake game! In which you can compete with players from all around the world or with your friends! Spend a lot of free time here having a good time! This game is really exciting and funny! Become the best and grow your snake to become the biggest and the longest on the map! The more points you will eat the longer and bigger your snake will be and you will be placed higher in the ranking!

How to play in

At the start of the game, you can buy a new skin for yourself! There are also rarities of the skins! Legend skin is the expensive one so you have to get a lot of coins if you want to get it! But the common one is the ordinary skin! You can find also rare and epic skins! Spend your coins buying skills in the SkillShop! You can buy a rush, sneak, and cannon skills! These skills will help you in the fight with other players! After getting spawned on the map your job is simple as it can be! You have to eat the colorful points that are spawned on the map and for every eaten point, your score will rise by one! If you want to earn points faster you should crush other players into your body and then collect their points!

Controls in the game

Moving - Mouse
Skill - X
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