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About the game brings back that classic feel while still keeping it fresh with new game modes, a simple yet really functional design, unique skins and hats, loot chests and the ability to set up your own server just the way you like it! Of course, that's only scraping the tip of the iceberg.

At, you can register to gain access to tons of features, including a shop with skins, hats, boosts and even your own colored name! Don't feel like yet another face in the crowd with all of these amazing adjustments. Stand out and be fantastic!
But that's not all. offers a leveling and ranking system that allows you to not just be a player, but a top player as well. Leveling up also unlocks new and fantastic skins that will really make you stand out among other players. Aim for that leaderboard and become the #1 player!
Not convinced yet? What about giveaways and events that allow you to win skins, coins and more? That's all possible at!

Other than the regular shop, offers Loot Chests and the XShop. A Loot Chest gives you XPoints and skin fragments. Collect skin fragments to craft skins you don't own yet without any additional cost! XPoints can be used in the XShop, where 6 different skins will be up for sale every day, including exclusive skins that can no longer be found in the regular shop!

If you want to socialise with other players, you can check out the official Discord server at . Introduce yourself, have a few laughs and party up with some amazing people!

Smooth gameplay is a number 1 priority at Aiming for a solid 60fps mark on all systems is what's really important, instead of adding elements that only worsen it. And don't worry about only being able to play Free For All, since offers 6 different game modes that allow you to test your skills in different situations! Try out Ultra Merge for example, where waiting to merge is a thing of the past and fast gameplay is what's really important!

How to play in plays just the way you expect from an Agario style game. You can split in different ways, such as a double-split and 16X split, and you can perform additional actions such as freezing in place and respawning with the tap of a key.

The game modes that feature bots also have custom controls. You can make your bots split, feed and stop moving altogether, allowing you to perform unique strategies with them.

Other than the FFA mode,'s game modes are often very fast, allowing you to play a quick game of for example Ultra Merge in just a few minutes. This means you don't have to worry about setting plans and appointments to play a game; you can just play a quick match and head to wherever it is you have to go!

Controls in the game

No hassle with new controls or strangely set up buttons, at you can customise your controls to your own liking. You can even use your mouse buttons to split and feed! No matter what Agario style game you come from, at you can customise and play within a matter of seconds!
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