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About the game is a new strategy black hole io game! In which you are taking control of a black hole! You have to be the biggest in the world! Consume everything you find on the map! Buildings, cars, and even people! To grow larger you have to eat! To get onto the top you have to be the largest black hole in the world! Show them what you can! You have to be quick and sneaky!

How to play in

At the start select your unique nickname! It would be easier to find yourself in a leaderboard! Select your game mode and play! There are 4 game modes:
1. IO - You will be playing against 8 players (2 minutes)
2. Deathmatch - The game will end when you die!
3. EGO - Eat everything you see on the map (2 minutes)
4. Team - Team up with other players and eliminate other teams!
Every game mode will give you a lot of fun! You have to eat everything you see on the map to grow larger!

Controls in the game

Drag left mouse button to move the black hole.
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