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About the game is another free, online io game. In the beginning, you are the blob type character. Your weapon is a flail. Every flail has got the same power but it can grow what makes catching an easier task. It can seem complicated game but it is very simple, you just need to get the rules. It can take you long hours to play this excellent game so keep an eye on the clock! This game requires a good reflex from you.

How to play in

Your figure and flail move independently, so it means that you can dodge oncoming attacks while attacking back. There are not any food or points on the map so if you want to have a bigger weapon you need to kill someone. But pay attention and do not let others kill you. You need to think about both things. Youn flail is not that bad because it can fight off your opponents' weapon so use this like your benefit!

Controls in the game

Use WASD to move.
The flail follows your mouse's cursor.
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