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About the game is a new free-for-all agario-styled .io game! In which you are taking control of customizable character! Your job is to fight with other players in the arena! Take the axes and kill as many players as you can! Level-up your character to increase your storage of axes! You have to be quick and sneaky! Make yourself a strategy to dominate other players! This game between all free-for-all .io games has a unique concept! Play online with players from all around the world or invite your own friends! Show them who is the boss my ranking up in the leaderboard!

How to play in

At first, select your skin and nickname! It will help you to stand out from other players! Show off your skills and tactics! Dash on other players and then throw axes on them to win! If you want to carry more axes you have to level-up. To gain EXP points you have to eat dots on the map or kill enemies! You have to be wisely and carefully! Your job is to kill everyone on the map and get onto the top of the ranking! Fill out your rage bar to activate rage! In rage mode, your character will automatically shoot axes and you are invincible!

Controls in the game

Moving - Mouse
Shoot - Left mouse button
Dash - Right mouse button
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