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Zombie Hunters Arena

About the game Zombie Hunters Arena

Zombie Hunters Arena is a new zombie survival team shooter .io game! In which you will be fighting against the zombie invasion with players from all around the world or with your friends! You will have to use many unique weapons that you can find on the map! Compared to other zombie survival .io games here you will have to be really communicative in order to survive! This game is not as easy as it seems so I recommend you to train a lot if you want to become the strongest and the most powerful player! Take the challenge and see how much you can survive! Also, try to unlock some new levels!

How to play in Zombie Hunters Arena

At the start, you should create a nickname for yourself if you want to stay out of other players! Now after spawning you will have to survive! To do that use the pistol that you will get on the spawn or search for the randomly spawned more powerful weapons on the map! Keep an eye on your health points and defense points! Survive as long as possible and kill every zombie on the map! Each level is harder than before so better arm yourself and prepare for the battle!

Controls in the game Zombie Hunters Arena

Moving - W, A, S, D
Shoot - Left mouse button

Zombie Hunters Arena
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